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3 Tips to Save On DIY Arts & Crafts

  1. ) Shop Smart

    Look for local discounts! It is extremely common for stores to offer steep discounts for simply being a loyal customer. Next time you are out shopping ask if they host a rewards program or send out a weekly to monthly newsletter. Newsletters are another great way save as you will be the first to hear about new deals, sales, or discounts.

    Take the time to research bargains! Bargain hunting is an extremely efficient way of saving money on quality products. However, do not be fooled by cheap products that are deeply discount just because they are cheap quality. Save big with coupons!

  2. ) Be Resourceful

    Being resourceful will help you save in the long run! It is important to be meticulous when it comes to caring for your current art supplies and home crafting area. Be organized and make the most out of what you currently own. Make sure to squeeze every last drop of paint out of those tubes with wringers and cap every glue after use. Taking these extra precautions is sure to make your supplies last twice as long.

  3. ) Re Use Supplies

    Just because a tackle box is meant for fishing doe not mean that it can not be used to organize your art supplies. Or just because you bought paint for your living room walls does not mean that you can not use it to create a canvas masterpiece. Test out tricks that aid your project's budget and host multiple usages. You never know what you will uncover to help you save big overall.

    DIY is labeled 'Do it Yourself' for a reason.