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8 Ways to Save Money on Kids' Birthday Gifts

Kids' Birthday Gifts

Two simple truths are that we all love our kids but love cannot be bought. Naturally every parent wants to give them everything they can as they celebrate their birthday but often we are limited by a tight budget. You may often be stuck with wishing to save money but by the kid something that they will actually like. Birthday shopping can be stressful and here are some tips that you can come out as a winner for a little money.

Have a separate fund

Do not let your kid's birthday catch you by surprise. Create a birthday fund at the beginning of the year and put away money little by little. When you have spare change from the store put it away in a piggy bank. You will eventually save enough money to cover the costs of the birthday parties that you will attend.

Use coupons

Coupons are great for getting good things for little money. There are various websites that offer coupon deals and you can find them in your local newspaper or directly at the store. It is also very convenient to use coupons when you are shopping online. For example, Kohl's features a great selection of nice toys for children of all ages including stuffed animals, dolls, costumes, games, puzzles and more. Make sure you use Kohls Promotion Codes to get a generous discount on your purchase. Plus the retailer allows its customers to use one or several coupons so you could save even more on a wide range of products, including sale and clearance items. More discounts can be found at promocodes2018.com and dealhack.com

One man's trash

Often times your kids get something that he or she does not like. You can keep those aside and wrap them again and regift them for one of your children's friends birthday parties.

Shop online

Shopping online is now super popular. This leads to discounts and competition and bargain deals. The Internet has a vast universe of products where you can find everything from fun working gifts to educational books.

Stock up on gifts

If you find a great collection of toys or books by more than one of them and you can use them for future birthdays. It also saves you gas money.

By pre-loved

Children usually don't care if somebody has used their toy before them as long as they like the toy and it's useful to them. You can find well-preserved items at garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops and websites such as Craigslist.com.

Reuse the gift-wrap

Wrapping can be very expensive and can add up in the cost. You can save gift-wraps, wraps and tissue paper and gift bags. This way for your next party you can wrap the gifts for free and it does the planet a huge favor by saving on paper.


We are not all crafty people but there were many websites that have do-it-yourself instructions and you can create something yourself unique and special. Homemade gifts are money savers and they are a great valuable lesson for children regarding a thoughtful present. You can even learn to make homemade birthday cards.

Kids typically do not look at presents as parents and they value more the present than the price tag. Don't burden your budget by buying the most popular most expensive gifts and use these tips to save money for more important things.