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How to Design Your Kid's Room with Flair

Designing a Kid's Room

The first rule to designing your kids bedroom is to let them be involved! Everyone needs their own sanctuary to unwind from a long day, yes, even your kids. Having one place all your own is truly special and allowing your kid to be involved in the design process of their room will help make them feel at home. And you never know, maybe it will inspire them to keep it clean as well. Follow the guide below for an easy 'how to' on designing your kid's bedroom with flair.


It is always best to start with the foundation of the room and then work inwards. Paint is probably the most inexpensive way to create a big impact on changing the look and feel of a room. Let your child choose the color and they will undoubtedly feel ownership of the project and their bedroom. Do not be afraid to let your child's imagination run wild when it comes to picking a color scheme as paint can be changed easily at any time.

If painting the walls of your child's room is out of the question then opt for wallpaper, stencils, or decals instead. Decals are a painless way to completely change the look of a room as all one needs to do its peel off the back and stick it straight onto the wall. Decals are a great way to allow your child to participate in the actual construction of the project as they can show you their preferred placement and/or help you peel off the back coating without ever making a large mess. Plus, if the decal does not stick correctly or the placement ends up being in the wrong location, all one needs to do is pull the decal off and move it over, up, or down to try again.

Stencils are little more tricky as they require a hint more effort and supervision because they still utilize paint. However, there is nothing like the thrill of execution as a successfully applied stencil is removed.


When it comes to decorating your kid's bedroom there are endless window treatment options that are sure to add pazazz. Vinyl roller shades are one of your most basic window treatment options. Not only are they easy to function, they are also extremely inexpensive. Plus, your local hardware store will be able to cut them to any size window for little to no cost. Because vinyl shades are so inexpensive, you can turn them into an art project for your kids with little risk involved. Vinyl shades can be embellished with fabric glue, ribbon, and/or spray adhesives. Your child will be so proud to pull down a little piece of their own artwork every night before bed.


Purchasing furniture for your child's new room can be quite tricky. When buying new, you want to keep in mind that your child will be constantly growing over the next 18 years of life, and if you do not want to be re-purchasing furniture every couple of years so you need to think of the future. Purchasing high quality, neutral furniture is the more fiscally appropriate option over a princess or race car head board as these pieces will only last two to three years before they need to be upgraded to a more age appropriate feature. However, if you are spending little to nothing on a used bed frame or chair, theme the room to your heart's content as you can make the bigger, non themed, purchases later on when your child's tastes change.

Instead of spending the big bucks on themed furniture, try to accent your child's room with more inexpensive items like rugs, bedding sets, throw pillows, and window treatments. You won't spend an arm and a leg on these options and you will be able to switch up the theme every few years for a minimal fee.


It is imperative that you teach your child to corral their belongings at a young age to build good habits. Thus, storage should be a high priority on your list when designing your child's bedroom. Luckily, storage comes in an assortment of options, such as baskets, cubbies, buckets, shelves, and/or boxes. Not to mention, revamping storage is as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to storage in closets one should consider installing rods and shelves close to your child's height so that they can independently perform their everyday tasks. For efficiency, utilize an 'all in one' storage unit like a large toy box or treasure chest where all items can be stored quickly.

No matter how you decide to decorate and design your child's new digs, just make sure they are involved in the entire process. Not only with this time be a memorable experience, it will also be an extremely meaningful one for your kid. The flair will come naturally if everyone involved is enjoying themselves. But above all, have a blast!