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6 Tips to Finding the Right Diaper Bag for You

Right Diaper Bag
  1. Examine the Weight

    Weight is an extremely important factor to consider when it comes to finding the right diaper bag. Keep in mind you will be lugging this pack around with you each and every day thus, the lighter the diaper bag the better. The weight of your diaper bag will depend upon the style that you choose. Try to choose a bag that is lighter than two pounds when empty.

  2. Check for Convenience

    You will need to be able to access essential necessities from this bag quickly as baby will be calling for your ounce of your attention. If you can reach into this bag with one hand and retrieve any vital baby essential at any time then you are in business. Your ideal diaper bag will open wide, give you a clear view of all of your baby products, and be lined with a waterproof interior for easy cleanups.

  3. Look for Safe Enclosures

    Diaper Bags typically use either zipper, magnetic, or velcro enclosures. Zippers are the best closure type for diaper bags as they ensure a secure seal with no chance of losing any belongings. Plus, zippers can be easily opened with one hand. Magnetic closures, on the other hand, may seem to be secure at first but if you load up your bag with too many diapers or wipes the magnet on the latch will constantly come undone. Velcro has been rated one of the worst types of diaper bag enclosures. For starters, the material is noisy and has the tendency to wake sleeping babies. It is also extremely sticky which can ruin favorite sweaters and baby blankets. Not to mention, the material will eventually wear out after multiple uses rendering your diaper bag as useless.

  4. Material Matters

    When purchasing your new diaper bag it is important to consider the material its exterior and interior is crafted from. Diaper bags are dragged through the ringer as they are often sat in dirt, kicked around, spilled on, and much much more. It is strongly recommended that one purchases a diaper bag that is made from 'easy clean' material. Easy clean material is usually water repellent so that it will not absorb liquids or stain, and can be wiped clean with little to no effort. Machine washable bags are also a plus but they are quite hard to come by.

  5. Storage is Key

    Storage should be one of your top considerations when purchasing a new diaper bag. The bag should be able to hold your child's diapers, wipes, pacifiers, toys, snacks, a changing table, and one extra change of clothes. The bag should also be able to hold your keys, wallet, cell phone, sunscreen, makeup, and water bottle if needed. It is imperative that the bag you choose be able to hold each and every item stated above, if not, then you need to move onto a bag with better storage. A rule of thumb for diaper bags is - the more storage, the merrier.

  6. Select the Best Type of Bag

    There are numerous types and styles of diaper bags designed to fit each and every mammas different needs.

    Backpack Diaper Bag -

    If you are the type of mom to pack everything under the sun because you live by the 'just in case rule', then the backpack diaper bag may be the best type of diaper bag for you. While diaper backpacks are similar to regular backpacks in terms of looks, they are in fact quite different as they contain specialized compartments to organize all of baby's diapers, pacifiers, wipes, and/or changing pads. The best part about these bags is the fact that they are strewn across the back allowing the weight of the pack to be evenly distributed. Although, backpack diaper bags are not very stylish, they are highly functional.

    Tote Diaper Bags -

    These larger bags have the look of a ladies over sized purse as they are typically held in one hand with several extra pockets and organizational pouches. This is a great option for stylish mamas who do not want to sacrifice fashion for function. Most totes come with adjustable or even removable straps that will allow you to turn it into a messenger bag or backpack diaper bag.

    Messenger Diaper Bags -

    The main feature of messenger diaper bags are their one strap that is to be worn either across the chest or atop the shoulder. Messenger diaper bags are typically geared more towards men but women are welcome to utilize thema as well. Only purchase messenger bags with an adjustable strap otherwise you run the risk of it not fitting properly. Just make sure the bag comes with all of the necessities you need i.e. padded changing pads or insulated bottle holders before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

    Stroller Handlebar Bags -

    It is best to steer clear from stroller handlebar bags, even if they do seem like a good idea. The handlebar bag's one down fall is its safety hazard! In certain instances, stroller handlebar bags have been so heavy that they actually end up tipping the stroller backward hurting the baby. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association agrees that stroller handlebar bags are unfit for mothers and children because of the danger they impose. Instead, it is best to utilize a stroller with storage if you would like bring certain essentials with you but still remain hands free. Safety should always come first when it comes to your child's life.