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The Guide to Buying Your Child's Bedding

Check the Bedding Material

It truly matters not as to what is on the outside of your child's bedding, such as Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh, but what rather matters moreso is the bedding material that lies within. Bedding material should be the number one factor you consider when purchasing your child's bedding decor. The bedding should be durable, cosy, and environmentally safe. Organic Cotton bedding is a good choice of bedding material for children who are prone to having higher sensitivities to skin allergies or rashes. Try to also look for bedding that is free of any fertilisers or pesticides, the more natural the fabric, the better. Fleece fabrics are another great bedding option as they are extremely comfortable and soft.

We understand that being a parent is a pretty expensive job and you would like to make major purchases only once every few years. Thus, it is best to purchase bedding that will last your child throughout the next decade. To make this possible it is best to pick out a solid colored bedding as character themes may only please your child for one or two years of life. Remember your child's tastes will change frequently throughout their adolescent years, so it is best to stick with a safe solid color of their choice. Pay close attention the the bedding material thread count as well. The higher the thread count, the longer the material will last.

Boy's Bedding

Boy's Bedding

Boys love superheroes and sports! While it might be fun to reflect these loves on their bedding materials, it is best to keep in mind how often you will be changing their bedding set on a daily basis. So, it may be a better option to choose a solid grey or blue comforter as it is the most expensive item of the bedding set and built to last a few years. Instead, purchase sheets that are fun to reflect their hobbies and interests. Sheets are ¼ the price of a comforter and can be easily switched out as your child's tastes change.

Girls Bedding

Girls Bedding

Girls are similar to boys when it comes to how fast their taste preferences can possibly change, sometimes even overnight. Thus, do no splurge on the expensive princess or character bedding set and instead opt for a solid pink comforter that will still reflect her personality without becoming too niche. You can again allow her to pick a more specialized sheet set that reflects her favorite character of the moment.

Utilizing a Duvet

Of course you want your child to be as comfortable in their bed as humanly possible. A high quality duvet of the correct size and tog rating can provide just that. As you look to purchase a brand new duvet it is imperative that you look at the tog rating and match it to your residences climate. A tog rating is the rank of how warm and thick the duvet will actually be. So, the lower the tog rating, the cooler and lighter the duvet will be. If you live in a climate that is hotter than you should purchase a duvet between the rating of 3 - 4.5 on the tog scale. Or visa versa, if you live in a climate that is cooler for most of the year then we recommend a duvet with a tog rating of 13.5 or over.

There is also a type of duvet known as an 'all seasons' duvet that can be converted to fit any climate during any time of the year. This duvet combines two insulator pads into one covering so as the weather changes you can either remove or add a pad to match your residency's current climate temperature. All Season duvets are truly the best economic option as you only ever have to purchase one. Your child will never be too cool in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors are great for keeping the integrity of your child's mattress in tact. They act as an extra layer between your child and the actual mattress itself. Not only will mattress protectors extend the life of your child's mattress they will also repel against any stains, accidents, and spillages from seeping into the core of the mattress where bacteria can fester and get your child sick. Mattresses are a major investment and we recommend a mattress protector to truly get the best bang for your buck. Plus, they will help your child feel more comfortable when potty training as they know they can not ruin their mattress if they unfortunately have an accident or two.