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How to Store Your Child's Art Pieces

Child's Art

One of the easiest ways to store your child's art pieces is to hang it! Not only will hanging your child's masterpiece boost their ego, it will also allow you to collect a mini museum of your child's work. As your child completes new pieces at school you can add them to your installation. One simple way of displaying your child's artwork is by stringing twine from one end of the room to another and hanging each piece by a clothespin. This hanging method makes the rotation of art pieces fairly easily as clothespins are not permanent and will not damage your walls or the artwork. Hanging your child's works of art is a win-win for both parties involved. This type of placement can serve as decor in your child's room.

If placing your child's art pieces out on display is no longer an option then plan to efficiently sort and store them instead. Let's begin by discussing a few different ways to store the pieces. Art can be stored in either an oversized portfolio or labeled mailing tubes in order to maintain mint condition. Once you have decided your method of storage it is time to get to sorting. Follow the four step guide below on how to effectively preserve and sort through your child's masterpieces.