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Advantages of a Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Greenguard Certification mattress

Parents who are searching for the perfect waterproof crib mattress pad should take into account several important things. Whether you are looking for inexpensive and serviceable items or prefer something more durable and effective, consider reading the article below which is grounded on the reviews of parents who have these waterproof crib mattress pads. While a crib mattress is needed for your infant just to sleep on a quality waterproof crib mattress pad offers a number of great benefits. Though some people consider them optional, they are really helpful. So let's find out why.

Keep Your Mattress Clean

If you've purchased an expensive mattress you'll want to protect it from mold and mildew in addition to keeping it clean. Waterproof baby mattress pads are excellent at protecting the mattress from urine, vomit, etc. Plus, by keeping the crib mattress clean you will increase your chances of selling it later at the higher value, or may just keep it for your next child.

Cheap Enough To Buy A Backup

Since crib mattress pads have several layers and added waterproofing it will take longer to dry them than thinner bed linens. So it makes sense to purchase an inexpensive spare pad to use when the other is being washed.

Soft and Comfortable

Many crib mattress pads and toppers are made from a thicker quilted material like cotton, polyester, wool or a variation of these materials. Soft and comfortable, they feel very nice to touch.

Safe For Your Baby

There is a great selection of mattress protectors offered for sale these days that it is easy to choose the one that meets your specific requirements. Within each price range you can find the mattress protector that will be the best for your baby. As a rule, baby bedding fabrics are made from organic cotton or cotton and polyester.

Things to Look for in a Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Parents looking for a perfect waterproof crib pad for their infant should consider the material it is made from. You may either purchase an expensive organic mattress pad or more affordable and still safe option made from cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Let's look into these two options so you could make up your mind which you like most.


It is a popular trend for parents to opt for organic products which are considered to be the safest for the children. Organic mattress pads are made of organic cotton free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. As a result a product made from organic cotton will cost several times more, plus the price will increase even more if it is manufactured in the U.S.

If you decide to go organic, find out whether the product you want to buy has the GOTS Certification label. It means that the particular product has met the rigorous production standards.

It should be noted that waterproofing components in mattress pads are made from thermoplastic, such as polyurethane or polyethylene. So, fully organic mattress pads can only be made from wool, but this material is not waterproof - just water "resistant".


If you are not ready to spend $60 - $100 for an organic crib mattress pad, the non-organic mattress pad is an option to consider. We recommend choosing the waterproof crib mattress pads made with cotton, polyester or a blend of both materials. They all are typically considered safe.

There are concerns that polyester made from thermoplastics can emit some chemicals over time, and that cotton is layered with flame retardant chemicals. However it is practically impossible to avoid these two materials as nearly all baby products available in stores contain them.

Common Complaints

As it may happen with any type of product offered for sale some crib mattresses may fail to perform as advertised. Some of the most common problems associated with the crib mattress protectors are the following:

Safety Information for Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads

GOTS Certification

If a product is labeled as GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) it means that it is made from at least 70% organic fibers. The companies must meet high standards to become GOTS certified. GOTS is the international standard for processing of organic fibers.

GREENGUARD Certification

The GREENGUARD Certification means that the manufacturer uses materials that have low chemical emissions. Products with low chemical emissions help make the quality of the air around better. For example, the company Naturepedic offers organic crib pads which are GREENGUARD Certified.